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Hi Holly,
Just wanted to report on the vet check on our new puppy by Waylon and Donna.    The vet said everything looked perfect, her eyes were clear, heart sounded good, no noticeable issues.  We love her.   We named her Rossi and her Registered name is Ruffons Midnight Darlin.   We named her with a piece of her mother’s name and her Aunt that we bought from y’all previously.    She is a wild little woman lol but is doing well her whinning when she is crated.   She is starting to get the hang of potty training....I think (hope) lol.    She seems extremely smart.    Yesterday she pointed a butterfly when she was out to potty.   Thank you again!    She is so precious!

Thanks again!

Lindsey Brown

Everyone needs to read this story. This is an incredible story of sweet Hannah Reece and how she saved her moms life.

 by Jewell Williams — Nov 2, 2019

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