Hey Guys,

Just wanted to send you an update on Lulu. She is the Liver Roan Female from Jesse's 12/3/11 litter. She is now 8 months old and just the most beautiful dog. She has completed intermediate obedience class and will begin advanced class at the end of August. She also begins Agility Class in September after her 9 month birthday. She weighs 41 lbs so she is still pretty small. But I like her that way. Her big brother is a 125lb mastiff so it is nice to have a small dog to take places.

One of her favorite things is to go to PetSmart and point out the birds and small animals. Everyone there always gets a kick out of her visits. Except maybe for the birds and small animals. She also loves to go swimming in the pool or the beach. And she is very nice at an outdoor cafe or restaurant as long as she has something to chew on.

She was a truly wild puppy but she is calming down nicely now. She is snoozing next to me right now. She hangs with me in my home office and only has to go into her play pen once in a while if she gets crazy.

She loves to go for hikes in the State Park by our house. We go almost every weekend and hike for about 10 miles. She gets to see tons of birds, deer, and a few turtles and snakes. She carries the water in her backpack so I can keep up. We have tried paddle boarding a few times but so far she would rather swim than ride along nicely. I'm sure it is a matter of time before she calms down enough to ride along. We are going to camp next weekend with another woman and her dog at the dog beach at Ft. Desoto National Park (St. Pete). It is a beautiful spot. We will try paddle boarding again.

Please feel free to give out my email address if anyone wants a recommendation. I wanted a high energy dog and I got one. Plus I got so much more.  

Becca Parsons

Please call or email us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Testimonials About Our Dogs


  I visited your GSP website and was impressed with your professionalism regarding dog breeding that will result in improving the breed and in the health of the puppies you sell. Your OFA testing and supplying DNA samples to CHIC are exemplary. I hope you are still breeding GSPs's when we are ready to get a puppy.

  When we get a puppy is a bit indefinite as we have a great dog that is half GSP, but he has developed cancer (histiocytic sarcoma) in his right shoulder. This condition is invariably fatal, usually in 5-9 months. Our Felix is 6 months into it and still seems to be doing well. He has had radiation to that shoulder and gets chemotherapy every 3 weeks and codeine every 8 hours. He is doing as well as he was 6 months ago, and begs to go for walks several times a day, and he does get 1-3 walks every day. We will continue the chemotherapy until it is no longer working. We will not allow him to suffer when that time comes.

  We also have an 8 year old dog that is half border collie. So we need to decide how a puppy would work with this dog. But our Felix is such a sweet, gentle giant (90 pounds), that I think a GSP is the right dog for us.

  So, please keep us in mind. If you plan to stop breeding GSP's, I hope you might let us know so that we might have a chance to get one of your puppies before it is too late.


Steve Myrick